KABC: Rossmoor Family OK’d To Keep Treehouse Built in Late Father’s Memory


TV trucks charged into Rossmoor on Wednesday. Satellite dishes popped up. Reporters knocked on doors.

The big news? A children’s playhouse. But this is no ordinary playhouse. It’s an elaborate, $16,000, solar-paneled tree house that rises three stories tall in a huge Tipuana tipu tree that’s been growing for 67 years – longer than the neighborhood has existed.

But homeowner Joni Doherty has no permits. And county officials say no permits, no tree house.
For Doherty, they might as well be saying: no permits, no memorial for your late husband, Jack Chen, who died in 2013.

“To have it removed would be like ripping out another little piece of my heart,” she said.

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Author: LStrawther


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