Taste and Los Al TV sponsoring fundraising night at Chick-fil-A

Chick Fil-A

Spirit night - Chick-fil-A - allThe Taste for Los Al AND Los Al TV will be holding a fundraising night at the Shops at Rossmoor Chick-fil-A this coming Wednesday night, August 24.

Chick fil-A will donate up to 25% of Proceeds directly towards Los Al TV’s Game of the Week  coverage of Griffin sports.   OUR Los Al, the non-profit which puts on The Taste and now also manages Los Al TV, wants to telecast at least one sporting event each week during the entire school year.   “Not only do we want to broadcast more games,” noted Larry Strawther  of OUR Los Al, “but we want to include at least highlights of more activities — even cross country, golf, tennis and other activities which normally don’t get much air time.”

Diners can specify which sport they want their donation to go towards, or they can choose to donate to coverage of all sports.  Just select the appropriate PDF file below.

The station also wants to expand its coverage into other areas of local interest – covering more community events and festivals, and news and issues about schools, non-profits, the military and local history.  It has already reached out to provide training for students interested in video production and to  support more youth-oriented programming .

Strawther noted that fund-raising events like have multiple benefits for all involved.   the booster groups which participate in the Taste, it benefits the restaurants who generously supply so much free food which makes the Taste for Los Al the success it’s been over the past 16 years.

Los Al TV has also set up a website which can stream its programming, thus making it available to not only non-cable viewers in Los Alamitos and Rossmoor, but to all viewers on the internet.

The channel also has set up two affiliated webpages (see right column) which provide links to all local news and all videos of local interest (YouTube, and videos from local news stations).   “Between news outlets and booster groups, so much is already being published by other entities.  But it’s hard to find much of it.  Our goal is to make it easier for locals to find news about our community, and also make it easier for organizations to reach the entire community.”



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