A really big display of patriotism: Los Alamitos business unfurls enormous flag on the side of its building

Southland Credit Unjon flag
Javier Llamas with AAA Flags and Banners helps records his work after hanging a 30' x 60' American flag that now hangs from the Southland Credit Union in Los Alamitos to commemorate July 4. "Southland puts flags on all of their buildings for the 4th of July. But this is by far the biggest flag" said Ton Lent, President and Chief Executive Officer at Southland. Photo by Michael Goulding 0630_NWS_OCR-L-FLAG

For the fifth consecutive year Southland Credit Union unfurled 1,800 square feet of red, white and blue along the side of its building in Los Alamitos on Friday, June 30, to commemorate Independence Day.

The sight has become a tradition at the credit union and the Orange County register had the story and lots more photos.

Author: LStrawther


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