OC BREEZE: Fortune Cookie Adds Gluten-Free page to menu


Fortune Cookies, the popular Chinese restaurant on Los Alammitos Blvd., got even more popular in the estimation of OC Breeze editor-publisher Shelley Henderson when the restaurant added a whole page of gluten-free entrees to its newest menu.

After receiving the new menu in the mail, henderson who had apparently previously avoided the restaurant because of its dependence on wheat items, ried it out again.   inclusion of

To my delight, I found out that their spring rolls are made with rice flour — yay! (Sadly, I forgot to ask about the potstickers.)

I ordered the only gluten-free soup on the menu — egg flower. Others ordered hot and sour soup, and judged it quite good.

On the recommendation of our landlady, I ordered stir-fried rice — in particular, the house special version which includes chicken, shrimp, and beef plus veggies. The quality of the cooking and seasoning was superior, but I sincerely miss spicier entrees.

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Author: ourlosa_admin


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