Los Alamitos releases traffic lane closure schedule for Boulevard crosswalk work

Blvd beautification traffic lane closures

he City of Los Alamitos Los Alamitos Boulevard beautifcation work gets a little dicey this coming weekend as lanes will be closed at times for landscaping and crosswalk construction.  Bottom line — Traffic patterns will temporarily change from Friday, August 4th to Monday, August 13th in the following areas:

1. Beginning Friday, August 4th the segment of Los Alamitos Blvd. between Katella Ave. and Cerritos Ave. will shift from two lanes of traffic to one lane of traffic in each direction. There will be no left turns permitted during this period.

2. Beginning Friday, August 4th Florista St. east bound at Los Alamitos Blvd. will be closed for crosswalk installation and concrete curing.

3. Beginning Friday, August 4th Florista St. west bound at Los Alamitos Blvd. will be closed for crosswalk installation and concrete curing.


  • Contractor will saw cut four sections of the existing crosswalk on Cerritos Ave./Los Alamitos Blvd on Friday, August 4th
  • Contractor will saw cut Florista St./Los Alamitos Blvd on Friday, August 4th
  • Contractor will remove the abovementioned sections of existing pavement on Monday, August 7th
  • Contractor will pour abovementioned sections listed above start Wednesday, August 9th
  • City will re-open both lanes of traffic by Monday, August 14th

Traffic delays and congestion are expected, especially during morning and evening commutes. Digital Message Boards will be placed in the area during this period. Your patience, understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Drivers are encouraged to use Bloomfield as an alternative to Los Alamitos Boulevard.

Questions about construction site (traffic barriers, flaggers, construction equipment, etc.) should be directed to the Development Services Director, Steven Mendoza (562) 431-3538 x 300 or smendoza@cityoflosalamitos.org

Image courtesy of the City of Los Alamitos 


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