KABC7: Second vehicle runs freeway interference for suspect as Los Al cops chase


    The Los Alamitos Police Department were involved in a 30-minute late hour pursuit last night lasting over 30 minutes and resulting in the arrest of three suspected Hoover
    Street gang members.
    Around 11:46 pm a patrol officer observed an older model white Nissan Maxima occupied by two people, with paper plates turn onto a side street where closed commercial businesses are located. When the officer initiated a traffic stop for vehicle code violations, the Nissan immediately accelerated and began traveling city streets at moderate speeds, while running red lights, and eventually entered the 605 freeway obtaining high speeds with lights off.

    Once on the freeway another car, a Cadillac, joined the chase and appeared to be running interference for the first car.

    Read more from official City of Los Alamitos website.

    Author: losaltv


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