Community Focus – an interview with Los Al City Councilmember Warren Kusumoto


Because he has been in the limelight lately as a result of the Los Alamitos City Council vote to “opt out” of the California Values Act, Councilmember Warren Kusumoto wanted to make himself available to be interviewed by local media. He asked Los Al TV to produce the event, invite local reporters. His only requirement — no softball questions. He wanted it to be a no holds barred discussion.  He was willing to answer any question regarding his motivations and goals behind the city council decision.  Mr. Kusumoto was interviewed by local reporters Ted Apodaca (News-Enterprise), John Underwood (host-producer “Backstory”), and Shelley Henderson (editor-publisher Orange County Breeze). The original interview was 1:15. It was edited down to its 56 minute duration by editing out some downtime when a camera went out and by removing two questions that had nothing to do with the subject of the council’s vote to “opt out.” A complete interview will be uploaded soon.

The interview was produced by Larry Strawther and shot by the student crew at Los Al TV.  Directpr Conner Brown, utility-audio Sam Barrozo, and cameras Jake Frank, J.P. Kepler and Shane Ferguson.

Author: losaltv


  1. I really appreciate the dialogue with Shelley, John and Ted – thanks!

    Also thank you Larry and your crew for recording this question and answer session.

    Finally, a special acknowledgement to Alamitos Eye Care and Dr Avani Patel & John Osborne for graciously allowing this dialogue to be recorded at their business.

  2. Regarding John Underwood’s question that referenced ICE arrests of (undocumented) employees of local businesses: I requested the reports that he offered to provide, and he informed me that I can expect to receive them next week.

    I would be happy to share these reports with anyone, and I made a recommendation to John that he should share the reports with the Mayor and Council.


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