Youth Center Campaign Successfully Raises $204,000

Pictured are Youth Center Campaign supporters (left to right) Traci VanAndler, Nathalie Wilson, Daniel Van Andler, Lynda Fine, Youth Center Executive Director Lina Lumme, Maki Blanqc, Jeffrey Blanqc, and Esther Kenyon recently at their final Campaign event, “Magic and Mojitos.” They helped to nonprofit to not only meet their fundraising goal, but to exceed it this year.

By Laurie Hanson,
Youth Center Media Relations

Successful in their month-long 2018 Community Support Campaign fundraising efforts, The Youth Center in Los Alamitos surpassed their goal of raising $150,000 by raising more than $204,000, to help sustain their mission to make a difference in the lives of children for the coming year.

More than 150 campaigners turned to the community to raise the necessary funds that drive all The Youth Center’s programs which annually impact more than 3,000 children. Activities benefiting from their efforts include their After School Programs, elementary school age Music Program, their summer Camp S.H.A.R.K. ,Teen Camp, Leadership Academy and the Every 15 Minutes bi-annual teen drunk driving determent event.

“Many of our parents benefit directly from our efforts in the form of full or partial scholarships so their children are able to participate in our activities,” said Executive Director Lina Lumme. “This year, the need was greater than in the past for scholarships. We look forward to helping thanks to generous contributions from the community.”

The Youth Center is funded by their efforts during campaign for the year ahead, and does not receive any governmental support. Through collaborative social, educational and recreational programs for kids ages 5 to 17, the award-winning nonprofit has been making a difference in Los Alamitos and the surrounding communities for more than 65 years.

“We’re here for all the kids and their families,” added Lumme. “We’re here to enrich their lives, and we never turn them away for an inability to pay. It’s a part of who we are, dedicated and deeply rooted in the community.”

The top 2018 campaigners who raised more than $2,500 each were Tom Curran, Karen and Eric Frankenberg, Julie Rubin, Laurie Hanson, Jay Martz, Hans Lumme, Debbie Kent, Beth Piburn, Arnie Fine, Jennifer Fontanilla, Ryan Ziegenbusch and Jeffrey Blanc. The Frankenberg’s team alone raised $63,868.

“We had a truly inspiring group of individuals who pushed themselves to the limit to make the lives of children better and brighter,” Lumme said. “Because of the leadership of Andy Brown of Woodsnap, we had the best events in the history of the Youth Center.”

Campaign Chairman Andy Brown said he felt it was a success on several different fronts. “The Youth Center received hundreds of thousands of marketing impressions online, gaining exposure to individuals who might have been previously unaware of their presence,” Brown explained. “The overall reaction from individuals who attended the events was stellar, cementing friendships and relationships that will extend far beyond the Campaign. The money raised is a tangible symbol of the overwhelming support and adoration this community has for the Youth Center and its mission.”


Pictured are Woodsnap team members (left to right) Arika Martz, Andy Brown, and Hannah Kilfoyle. Brown was The Youth Center’s 2018 Community Support Campaign chairman who helped lead the award-winning nonprofit to exceed their fundraising goal.

Lumme said it was Woodsnap’s dedication and new outlook on fundraising that helped The Youth Center not only meet their goal, but exceed it. She added that it’s truly unique to the award-winning nonprofit to have only spent $1,000 to host their events. “This is a true testament to how frugal we are, and demonstrates how all the monies raised during the campaign events goes to supporting kids,” she said.


Both Lumme and Brown extended special thanks to all the individuals, partners, board members, staff and volunteers who made this year’s campaign a success. She especially is grateful to three national service organizations who stepped up to help. They are the Rotary, Seal Beach Lion’s Club and Kiwanis Club of Cypress.

“We can’t thank everyone enough for contributing as much as they could on behalf of the children,” Lumme said. “We raised funds to greatly help our local families who struggle financially. Because of the support of so many, The Youth Center is able to continue its mission of making a difference in their lives.”

Author: losaltv


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