Weekly Farmers Market proposed for Main Street


Seal Beach city staff posted a legal notice saying a trial farmers market may be held on Thursday evenings of the 200 block of Main Street starting June 21.

According to the notice, that block of Main Street would be closed to traffic from 5 to 8 p.m. for 12 weeks for a market and live music.  The applicants listed an anticipated attendance of 1,000.

Some merchants on the 200 block opponents have already gone on record in opposition to the event, calling it a street fair, rather than a farmers market.  , but that’s the term on the city’s official notice that the event is being planned. The special event permit has not yet been issued.

Recreation Manager Tim Kelsey insisted the permit would not be issued for 10 days after the notice is published in the Sun, even though the date on the notice gave the public 10 days after May 15. Under the Municipal Code, special event permits are approved by the Community Development director.

A more complete story is in the Sun.

Weekly market proposed for Main Street

Author: losaltv


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