Los Alamitos struggles, revels as anti-sanctuary town (OC Register)


Roxana Kopetman has a good article in Friday’s OC Register taking a look back at the wild city council meetings of March and April which resulted in the city getting sued by the American Civil Liberties Union and a local attorney.

The article gets things wrong (in my humble opinion) — the key factor was not  anti-sanctuary but Warren Kusumoto’s strong feeling that this latest example of state overreach put police officers and local employers in the tough position of possibly being accused of breaking state law if they obeyed federal law.

The anti-sanctuary mantra was loudly adopted by the outside groups (including the ACLU and Fox News) which all used it to their further their own political agendas.  But even some in-city groups — including some local high school and college students and a local church — chose to take a simplistic look at the issue, avoiding the real serious issue of state over-reach to frame it as anti-immigrant.

But Kopetman does a good job of putting the Los Al issue in perspective with the recent favorable decision regarding Huntington Beach’s so far successful lawsuit against the state over much of the same charter city/state over-reach issues.

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