THE SUN — December 6, 2018: Residents rap council parking plan


Residents oppose proposal that cars be moved 150 feet

Several Seal Beach residents last week shared their displeasure with a proposed change to the city’s parking laws that would require residents to move their cars 150 feet every 72 hours.

Seal Beach Knights rock Taco Surf in Sunset Beach

A talented pair of Knights of Columbus members from St. Anne’s parish, J. Jones and Rich Bluth, joined with veteran rock singer Tom Summers, to rock the legendary Taco Surf bar and restaurant recently, with dancers coming out of the woodwork (which makes it hard on both the dancers and the woodwork).

CCC gets application aimed at restoring local wetlands

Despite some onconsistencies with the Coastal Act’s “oil spill and visual policies,” the California Coastal Commission staff has recommended passage of an application to restore the Los Cerritos wetlands and develop oil facilities within the wetlands. 

Election results certified; runoff Jan. 29 for District One City Council seat

The Nov. 6, 2018 election results have been certified, but voters in Seal Beach Old Town will now have to make a choice in a January runoff between between top vote-getter retired businessman Joe Kalmick and small businessman Peter Amundson.  Amundson qualified by getting just 38 more votes than third-place finisher Scott Levitt.

Author: Los Al TV


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