Los Alamitos announces winners of Holiday decorating Contest

1st Place - Carrier Row 4092 Howard Avenue

Apartment Row

1st Place – Apartment Row
4311 Howard
2nd Place – Apartment Row
3692 Green

Carrier Row

1st Place – Carrier Row
4092 Howard Avenue
2nd Place – Carrier Row
11072 Howard

College Park North

1st Place – College Park North
3942 Fenley
2nd Place College Park North
3721 Holden Circle


1st Place – Greenbrook
3993 Marion Ave.
2nd Place – Greenbrook
3962 Shasta

New Dutch Haven

1st Place – New Dutch Haven
5012 Howard Ave,
2nd Place – New Dutch Haven
5162 Howard Avenue

Old Dutch Haven

1st Place – Old Dutch Haven
3532 Thor Ave.
2nd Place – Old Dutch Haven
11942 Pine Ave.

El Dorado Park Estates East

1st Place – El Dorado Park Estates East 3190 Lilly
2nd Place – El Dorado Park Estates east 3026 Marna

Old Town East & West

1st Place – Old Town
10672 Chestnut
2nd Place – Old Town
10783 Chestnut


1st Place – Parkewood
5031 Apollo Circle
2nd Place – Parkewood
5051 Apollo Circle

Rossmoor Highlands

1st Place – Rossmoor Highlands
12171 Reagan
2nd Place – Rossmor Highlands
11632 Paseo Bonita

Royal Oaks Park

1st Place – Royal Oaks Mobile Park
Space 70
2nd Place – Royal Oaks Mobile Park
Space 46


1st Place – Suburbia
11264 Rochelle St
2nd place – Suburbia
11315 Linda Way


1st Place – Woodcrest
10412 Del Norte Way
2nd Place – Woodcrest
10431 El Dorado

Country Square

1st Place – Country Square
3871 Kinmount
2nd Place – Country Square
3911 Kinmount

Author: Los Al TV


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