SEAL BEACH ELECTIONS: Kalmick takes commanding lead in council run-off


Long-time Main Street businessman Joe Kalmick took a commanding lead in the first returns for the runoff election for First District councilman.

Joe Kalmick

Kalmick, a long-time Old Town resident who operated a framing business for years next to Walt’s Wharf, was challenged by newcomer Peter Amundson who moved to Surfside within the last few years. The two were the top two vote-getters in the November election but since Kalmick didn’t reach the required 50%plus one majority, a run-off election was called for.

An out of city PAC dumped a lot of money into questionable and misleading advertising against Kalmick, but voters seemed to be aware of the dirty tricks. Although vote totals can still change, Kalmick’s 65% to 34% lead looks pretty strong for now.

Author: Los Al TV


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