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Los Al financial trajectory “bleak” as city races to change

The headline is probably overly-alarming (because this “news” is not new and has been discussed frequently over the past few years), but there are a lot of important informative facts in here. The city, like virtually all government agencies, is faced with some poor spending decisions by previous councils — especially regarding pensions. And the financial chickens are coming home to roost. Fortunately, some tough decisions over in recent years, have put Los Al in somewhat better shape than most of our surrounding cities.

Expect night operations over JFTB next week

A visiting U.S. Army aviation unit will conduct training exercises and night flight operations at Los Alamitos Army Airfield (LAAAF) from Feb.3 thru Feb. 9. The exercises are designed to maintain overall operational readiness and proficiency of the aviators and support personnel and will include periods of increased air traffic.

Cypress College soars with interest from students seeking aviation careers

By David N. Young – Students streamed into a meeting room at Cypress College Friday to witness the unveiling of a new 737-flight simulator and listen to instructors, industry professionals and counselors available to channel their interest in the school’s aviation and travel curricula. more

Author: Los Al TV


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