Behind the Badge: How Los Al Police Chief Eric Nunez honors the father who shaped his life


This article is over a year and a half old but we never saw it before and thought we’d share it. It’s from the Behind the Badge OC website (which serves the Orange County public safety community), and it discusses how Los Alamitos Police Chief Eric Nunez honors his late father every Memorial Day. His father died in 1966 while serving in Vietnam.

Every Memorial Day, Los Alamitos PD chief honors the father who shaped his life

By Greg HardestyMay 28th, 20171

Today, as he does every Memorial Day, Los Alamitos Chief of Police Eric R. Nunez will gather his family and visit All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach to spend time in quiet prayer to remember and honor his father, Army Sgt. Rudolph Algar Nunez.

Although he would do anything to take back the terrible events of June 13, 1966, Nunez said what happened in the immediate aftermath of his father’s death made him the law enforcement leader he is today — not only in Los Alamitos, but statewide.

“If you tell a child something long and often enough,” said Nunez, who was 4 when his father was killed in action in Vietnam, “they will believe it.”

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Author: Los Al TV


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