Local Producer John Underwood wins community cable award for show on OC Homeless.


Long-time local producer John Underwood received one of the top awards at the recent Wave awards ceremony, hosted by the Alliance for Community Media West at their annual convention which was held this year at the Maya Hotel in the Port of Long Beach area.

Underwood, an independent producer whose work frequently appears on Los Al TV, (shown top) received the ACM’s Excellence Award for his 2018 issues/interview program “Backstory: Homeless in OC.”

The Wave Awards ceremony is the finale of the ACM West’s annual conference that brings together community media television broadcasters from across the nation. Los Al TV recently re-joined the organization and its national affiliates. The organization is made up of hundreds of local community broadcasters who are navigating the landscape of hyperlocal community-based news and public affairs shows through the disruptive, fast-paced world of modern technology.

In recent months Los Al TV has purchased a new playback server which will enable it to air high definition program content. Although the cable company still does not grant community stations a channel capable of carrying a high-definition signal, station manager Larry Strawther has been working to allow programming to air on Facebook, Youtube and a high-defintion channel of its own that will soon be able to be seen on the Roku, AppleTV and Amazon Fire platforms.

Author: Larry Strawther


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