For founder’s birthday, Honoring Our Fallen gets the best gift


Laura Hertzog has been a familiar figire around the Los Alamitos area — from her days doing PR at the Joint Forces Base and then taking it upon herself to form Honoring Our Fallen to help out with nearly 700 casualty missions — which includes aiding military families work out the logistics when it’s time to lay their loved ones to rest. Fr her brthday she asked for a new van to help out with the latter task and KABC-7 covered the response she got.


Orange County woman receives new van for non-profit dedicated to helping military families

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. (KABC) — It was a special day for Laura Herzog. Her non-profit, Honoring Our Fallen, turned eight years old. “Eight years ago, I was just a girl who said I’m going to start an organization and try to make a difference,” said Herzog. Herzog has helped with nearly 700 casualty missions.

Author: losaltv


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