Families Looking for Man Who Saved Children from Rip Current


Some local families are seeking help to find the man who rushed into the water to save both children and moms who were caught in a strong riptide at Seal Beach.

Families Looking For Man Who Saved Children From Rip Current In Seal Beach

SEAL BEACH (CBSLA) – Two women are looking for a man they call the “Mystery Cowboy” who pulled their three children out of a strong current in Seal Beach. It was a stunning day at Seal Beach when two families learned the hard way that the strength of the water can be deceiving.


Mystery ‘cowboy’ saves women, children sucked into strong surf and rip currents in Seal Beach

The fast-thinking man was wearing tight jeans and a button-up red and blue flannel shirt, drenched wet after he jumped into the wild waves. He was wearing cowboy boots, Samantha Meleg thinks, but everything happened so fast she can’t be sure.

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