FOOD: Beachwood BBQ breakfast gets rave reviews from OC Weekly

FOOD:  Beachwood BBQ breakfast gets rave reviews from OCC Weekly

Lately it seems that Beachwood BBQ’s newer Long Beach and Huntington Beach locations have been getting the most attention, but the OC Weekly’s Greg Nagel shined the light on the original location in a recent rave over their breakfast versions of southern comforts.


Eat & Drink This Now: Beachwood BBQ’s Southern-Inspired Breakfast | OC Weekly

I’m not sure what is more surprising: that I’m sitting at Beachwood BBQ’s bar at 8:45 a.m., or that I have two beverages in front of me. One is a Funkmosa, which blends a Belgian-style sour ale from Beachwood Blendery with orange juice, and the other is a French press filled with fresh coffee, accompanied by an hourglass and an empty mug.

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