Ocean Place begins sales in Seal Beach


After nearly 30 years of discussion, arguments, endless waits for approvals and all the other contentious things associated with property development these days, 30 new luxury single-family homes built by Shea Homes will finally go n the market on the Seal Beach oceanfront.

Ocean Place — a 13-acre site located at First and Ocean, across the San Gabriel River from Ballast Point — features homes ranging in size from 3,140 to 4,640 square feet with up to five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Pricing will begin above $2 million. The site had been vacant since the old LA DWP power plant had been demolished back in 1967.  Six acres of the site has been set aside to create a park.

The original Los Angeles Gas and Electric Corporation Steam Plant with its prominent smokestack, in Seal Beach. was built in 1925 at a cost of nearly $14 million. The original smokestack was damaged in the 1933 Earthquakes and a smaller stack was built. The plant was purchased by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power in 1936, and retired from service in 1951. It was demolished in 1967 and Seal Beach councils, speculators, and citizens have been arguing about what to do with the property ever since until Bay City Partners won approval to build homes there a few years ago. They sold their interest to Shea Homes who has built the new Ocean PLace Homes which are now going on the market.

30 new luxury homes coming to Seal Beach, priced above $2 million

Seal Beach is getting 30 new luxury single-family homes on a slab of land with a contentious history. Shea Homes has begun sales at Ocean Place, built on an 11-acre waterfront parcel of land that was once the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s power plant in Seal Beach.


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