What’s in the Event-NewsEnterprise

What’s in the Event-NewsEnterprise

Medal of Honor Recipient David Bellavia visits Los Alamitos

The heroic action of Army Staff Sergeant David G. Bellavia in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004 earned him one of America’s most coveted military honors, the Medal of Honor, and the Buffalo, New York native made a couple of stops in the area last week on a thank you tour.

Los Alamitos Mayor Warren Kusumoto said at Monday’s council meeting that, “there is no more noble cause” than to fight for your country’s freedom. Kusumoto and Council member Dean Grose were among the honored guests to meet Bellavia at an invitation only reception at the… [read more]

Los Al Council recognizes OCFA and its wildfire pilot program

OCFA Division Fire Chief says families should have emergency plan.  The city of Los Alamitos made a presentation to Orange County Fire Authority Division Chief Ron Roberts this week in observance of Wildfire Prevention month.  City council member Shelley Hasselbrink, the city’s representative on the OCFA, said residents should not be fooled by all of the … [read more]

Los Al modifies agreement with North Council homeless group

Alarmed city council members finally agreed after a spirited discussion at Monday’s city council meeting to remain a part of a new state authority dealing with the homeless, but only after being assured their costs would be “capped” going forward.  Some members wanted to rescind a Memorandum of Understanding to join the North Orange County Special Planning Area (SPA) following notification that initial estimates for financial participation jumped from $4,000 to approximately $41,000. [read more]

Former Cypress Mayor reveals Cold War secrets

By Loreen Berlin — It’s history now – the Cold War – lasting for decades between the United States and the then Soviet Union – nearly leading to a nuclear disaster.  Today, technology, along with Social Media and quick-turn-around film and or digital camera processing would perhaps tell a different story. However, when Lt. Col. USAF Photo Scientist Leroy Mills, Ret., served in the U.S. Air Force, things were much different. “I was a spy for a while for the United States,” Mills told those gathered during the… [read more]

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