Los Alamitos High School Hosting Fall Speaker Series: Be Your Best Self featuring Jake Olson

TUESDAY, SEPT 17 at 6:30 PM: Los Alamitos High School Hosting Fall Speaker Series: Be Your Best Self featuring Jake Olson


On Tuesday, Sept 17, Los Alamitos High School will begin their fall speaking series: Be Your Best Self with the first featured speaker Jake Olson. This is the first of three planned events to bring awareness and conversation on visible and invisible disabilities this fall. Los Alamitos High School has been working on creating more inclusive and socially aware events for students to spark conversations.

Schools across the country are recognizing the need to improve their efforts in the area of human relations.  Los Alamitos High School is taking steps to be a leader in our community and ultimately foster compassion within its school walls and our community at large. Be Your Best Self was created by the students as an everyday goal. The school at large is working to support and grant opportunities for growth to become their best selves.

Jake Olson, an inspiring football player who is blind, will be the first speaker in the planned Be Your Best Self series. Olson embodies many of the characteristics we hope for our students and community members. Olson’s connection to his community and how his community has embraced and supported him have been featured on ESPN. Olson’s personal mission is to focus on opportunities and overcoming setbacks. He has been quoted saying “I use my story and my journey to show that a setback is only permanent if you treat it that way, and that with the right attitude anything can be achieved.”

Olson will be followed up by Shelley Smith, Emmy Award-winning ESPN reporter. On Sept 24, Smith will come and speak to community members on her advocacy, her reporting, and her own experiences concerning visible and invisible disabilities. (Press Release to follow.)

The fall speaker series will end with a panel featuring advocates, former students, and parents connected to Los Alamitos to discuss what we as a community can do to better ourselves by listening to community members who have disabilities and actions they hope for.

  • WHAT:          Los Alamitos High School Fall Speaker Series: Be Your Best Self featuring                         Jake Olson
  • WHERE:       Los Alamitos High School, Performing Arts Center
  • WHEN:          Tuesday September 17 6:30PM-8PM
  • WHO:             Los Alamitos High School is hosting and open to the public.


“Jake Olson’s story is one of courage, tenacity, and optimism. Any background, or age group will benefit from Jake’s motivational and inspiring oration. You will be a better person when you hear him speak.”
Jeannine Ball, retired Los Alamitos High School Teacher

“It’s an honor to have Jake Olson come to speak at LAHS.  Many of us struggle with how to handle adversity, and can learn a great deal from those who are brave enough to share their story.  What a great opportunity for our community!”
Los Alamitos Community member

“I’m so excited for Los Al to take on issues and help students and the community with conversations. Jake Olson is an amazing way to kick this off. Los Al has been doing a lot of work in the background to help take on our increasingly heated social climate. This is a great way to bring all community members together.”
Jessica Riegert, Los Alamitos High School teacher




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