Los Alamitos seeks community input on financial challenges


The City of Los Alamitos, which will be facing a  significant financial structural deficit next year, is seeking the input and help of its residents at five upcoming community meetings.

The first meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 18 at the Community Center on Oak Street.  That meeting begins at 6:30pm.

That will be followed by a meeting at Orville Lewis Park in the Rossmoor Highlands neighborhood at 10am this coming Saturday morning.

Three more meetings will follow on October 3, 12 and 24.

The goal of these meetings is ultimately to fulfill the City’s goal of “Fiscal Sustainability” that includes employing innovative, creative, and progressive methods to continue essential City services.  Community members will be asked about their priorities and suggestions to maintain the “Quality of Life” in Los Alamitos.

In addition, the city council has given its approval to contract with a company to conduct a thorough survey of community members.

For more information, visit us online here: https://cityoflosalamitos.org/fiscal-sustainability/.

Below is the city powerpoint presentation on the challenges facing the community.



Author: Los Al TV


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