OUR LOS AL TV is here!


We are pleased to announce that the OUR LOS AL TV streaming network is now available for free download from Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV and for iPads and smartphones.

Unlike the Los Al TV cable channel (which was available only as a linear stream to less than half the households in Los Alamitos and Rossmoor), the new streaming service can be viewed by anyone with internet service — which not only means over 95% of the homes in Los Alamitos and Rossmoor, but also in all its surrounding communities – Seal Beach, East Long Beach, Cypress, La Palma, etc.  (Not to mention alumni and former residents around the country and world).  This means it reaches virtually ALL of the Los Alamitos school community, and all the consumers who local Los Al area businesses want to reach.

In addition, the channel is in high-definition and offers many video-on-demand channels featuring local alumni, history, sports, government, and local businesses.  We have already uploaded many classic Los Al HS Griffin sporting events, local community and school arts performances, community festivals, government meetings,  and more.

To download the app, go to our app store for your particular smart device (TV, tablet or smartphone)  or click the appropriate link below.



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