Latest grades for Seal Beach beaches — Dry A’s, Wet F’s

Latest grades for Seal Beach beaches — Dry A’s, Wet F’s

How clean are the beaches around Seal Beach?   Well, they are apparently v4ery clean during dry weather, but not so much during wet, rainy weather.

The 31st annual Heal The Bay Annual Beach Report Card surveyed all the beaches of the West Coast, grading them from A+ to F based upon a year’s worth of collected measurements between April and October 2020.  Samples measured bacterial pollution and overall cleanliness and water quality.

Of the 500 California beaches surveyed, 93 percent ended up with A or B grades. But only 35 received perfect grades, with Orange County having the most.  7 of them were in the Newport Beach area.  Unfortunately, the Seal Beach sands were again negatively impacted by the winter rains which bring a lot of debruis down Coyote Creekj and the San gabriel River.

More information is available via Patch.   The full report can be downloaded here.  For Seal Beach results, check out page 51.

Download the full report




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