State report claims sea level will rise 10 feet by 2100, called “unreasonable” by most other agencies


A new 230-page document that issued guidelines for how local cities should adapt roads,  and water systems to accommodate a sea-level rise of 10 feet was unanimously approved Wednesday by the state Coastal Commission.

The document, whose projection is so far beyond current calculations, drew advance objections from many large government agencies, including the League of California Cities, the Orange County Transportation Authority, the California Association of Sanitation Agencies, and the city of Huntington Beach.

Many previous studies had shown a much more remote possibility of even much lower sea rise in this area.  A 2019 study funded by the California Coastal Commission projected a one in 200 chance that Seal Beach would see a rise of 6 feet in this century.

The OC Register’s Martin Wisckol has the story.  The complete state document can be viewed here.


State addresses urgency to prepare roads, water systems for rising sea

Author: Los Al TV


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