What’s in this week’s Sun – April 21, 2022


Preparing for a potentially tragic day

Victims are simulated, children are running screaming through the campus and police officers are moving toward the sounds of gunfire at McGaugh Elementary School. It’s a worst-case scenario, but in this case it is merely a simulation intended to give police a chance to be better prepared in the event an actual tragedy strikes.  Seal Beach Police conducted another training exercise at McGaugh on Tuesday (the day before the 23rd anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting) to work on… [more[

Seal Beach Symphony is bringing a new event to town

Seal Beach resident and Seal Beach Symphony Artistic Director Chad Berlinghieri has announced the creation of a new annual concert to take place in South Eisenhower Park.
“We are currently working out the details with the City of Seal Beach and other agencies to bring this event forward,” Berlinghieri said.
“Original planning began this past October, and it is our belief that with the help of City Hall this new event will become … [more]

Planners OK residential permits

The first in-person Planning Commission meeting in two years was short and sweet. The video of the meeting was 5 minutes 10 seconds long. The commission unanimously approved two applications for permits for residential remodels. One application returned to the commission because a public hearing notice had not been published.
That night, the commission on approved a request for a conditional use permit to remodel and expand a living room, and add… [more]

State wants changes to city’s Housing Element

The state government has essentially rejected Seal Beach’s latest version of the Housing Element of the General Plan. Technically, the state decided that Seal Beach didn’t mean the deadline to have the housing document “certified,” because the document doesn’t contain details the state requires.
The California Department of Housing and Community Development wants more changes, leaving city staff with an Oct. 15 deadline to revise the city’s Zoning Code.  [more]

Transparency with distinction

New at Peters Landing in Sunset Beach — The Himalayan Grill

Author: Los Al TV


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