Advertising / Sponsorship opportunities

Local marketing and local advertising presents unique challenges.  Local media — print or online — each reach only a fragment of the local market.  So OUR Los Al TV’s goal is to be a one-stop gateway to all the latest news, videos and events about our community — even news that other local media is doing a good job covering. And our advertising opportunities are as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. One entity – OUR Los Al TV – (four operations and websites are consolidated into one operation – OUR Los Al TV.
  2. Two platforms — on-air (Los Al TV3) and online (  When you advertise on OUR Los Al TV you also advertise on   And vice versa.  It’s two-for the price of one.
  3. Three levels — Premier, Gold and basic.

 PREMIER PACKAGE – $300 / month

The Premier level includes a 15-second ad that will run nightly on Los Al TV3 for a month and 2 ONLINE ads run on rotational basis.  (5 seconds).  Top ad square can be either 300×250 pixels (standard) or 300×600).   The 15-second ad spot to be provided by sponsor or be produced at additional cost.

  1. LOS AL TV 3AD SPOT – 15 second ad spot (runs for month) – example
  2. OUR LOS AL.TV  – ad on leaderboard (top right on this page) AND top right sidebar AD SQUARE (look to your right)


The Gold level includes a position (5 seconds duration) on the sponsors ad roll which runs nightly and ONLINE ads run on rotational basis.  Ad rolls will run on-air between programs at least once per night on Los Al TV, but will also run on during some events on Channel 3, during sgtreaming and during On-Demand.

  1. LOS AL TV 3 – AD ROLL – 5 second logo and audio mention on our ad rolls  – runs during programming – example
  2. OUR LOS AL.TV  –  300×250 pixel ad squares in second and third positions (as shown at right)


The Basic package includes basic levels for BOTH ONLINE and ON-AIR.   Online ads run in right sidebar below gold level on rotational basis.  (5 seconds duration).  Sponsor card (720 pixels x 480 pixels) runs on Los Al TV bulletin board for a month.   Sponsor list will run on a roll listing multiple sponsors.

  1. BASIC – BULLETIN BOARD – a list (NO LOGO) of sponsors list that runs at least once a day on Channel 3 and a card (6 seconds duration) on the station bulletin board loop when no programming is airing.
  2. BASIC – sidebar ad square in fourth or lower position


An advertising presence with us does the following:

  • helps awareness of your brand at a very reasonable cost
  • helps us better cover our community
  • helps us better train the students who are working with us.

For more information, contact us at