So why should a Long Beach restaurant participate in the Taste?

One of the most common questions we get from the managers of many Long Beach restaurants is “Why should we participate in a Taste for Los Al?”  Don’t feel bad — we sometimes get that from new managers of Seal Beach restaurants — especially ones no familiar with the area.

First of all it’s a Taste FOR Los Al — the high school, not the city.  And Los Al HS is the home high school for Seal Beach families.  But it is also home for nearly a thousand students from the Long Beach area, many from the neighborhoods of Naples, Belmont and Alamitos Heights, Island Village, Los Altos and the Plaza.

Well over half of the Seal Beach attendees live in the Old Town and Hill neighborhoods which are only a few minutes from Long Beach restaurants.  And the rest of the Seal Beach attendees (from the College Parks) and the Rossmoor (and even the Rossmoor Highlands of Los Alamitos) attendees dine out FREQUENTLY in Long Beach.

It’ would be a big mistake to overlook such a big market.  .