Coronavirus Statistic Dashboard

We thought a place to get info from reliable sources – unfiltered by network politics – would be beneficial.  Here it is. (Some of these do not work well on mobile devices)

Johns Hopkins

Lots of great up-to-date stats at this Coronavirus Global cases Daily Tracker By Country site (but it also provides information by states and cities as well) this site managed by Johns Hopkins University.  This is the one that all the news networks are using.

A Teenager’s Homemade Coronavirus Tracking website

And here is another one that was started by 17-year old Seattle teenager Avi Schiffman and is getting a fairly decent number of views — about 35 million a day.  Here’s an article on him.


The World in Data

Click the add country to compare the rate of growth in the US compared to any other country.  So far we are doing pretty good.

Another way of looking at it


So how is the United States doing with the number of tests now?  This CDC page is informative.  We are rapidly catching up with the world.  NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says his state has now tested over 45,000.  As the doctors and researchers frequently remind us, tests do not stop the spread of the virus.  They just provide valuable data which more accurately tells you the extent, and the geographic concentrations.  And the more tests we are taking, the percentage of infection is actually lower than first feared.



In 2005 average occupancy for ICU beds was 65% around nation

The Dynamic ICU Hospital bed Dashboard is a fascinating look at where we are now.  It’s only updated through March 17 (four days ago) and a lot has changed since then, but it’s a good marker for the extent of the virus.  As of March 17 in New York City (Manhattan) the bed utilization rate was around 79-82% for most major hospitals

In California the rate is lower than that.



The University of Pennsylvania Hospital Impact Model for Epidemics


And how are things in Orange County…

The Orange County health page – lots of good local stuff